Papaya Tree: Benefits and Facts

PAPAYA TREE: ROOTS, STEM, LEAVES, FRUIT BENEFITSpapaya tree image showing alt text


Papaya or Tree melon or Pawpaw is a fruit that grows mostly in Tropical regions. A ripe papaya is sweet, orange fruit that has numerous benefits. It improves your lifestyle and making it a part of your diet will change you, for good. A raw papaya, too, has hidden benefits about which most of us do not know. The papaya leaf is like a boon sent to us by God. Even the roots of Papaya tree are packed with essential elements. Basically, the entire Papaya tree has some or the other advantages and is an excellent source of most cures.

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Ripe papayas are a source of vitamin A, B, C & E. Unripe papayas have good amount of potassium in them.

Ripe Papaya

Ripe papayas help in improving digestion, immunity and heart-health. It treats skin problems, asthma, constipation, menstrual pain, tooth-aches, arthritis, cancer, acne and burns. It promotes weight-loss and prevents infections. Ripe Papaya improves hair growth and bone-health. It can also be eaten by diabetic patients.


Raw Papaya

Raw papayas are green in colour. It has greater amount of potassium in it and an enzyme called papain that helps in better digestion which helps in improving metabolism and supports healthy metabolism. It maintains blood pressure, burns calories and extra fat.

Raw papaya is eaten by just removing the skin and seeds. It is used in making chutneys, stews and salads. It has the power of tenderizing meat.

Papaya Roots

Papaya roots finds its use in treating kidney stones and de-worming.

In treating Kidney Stones: Boil 1 litre of water along with 2-3 papaya roots, cool this mixture, strain it and keep in airtight container. Drink 1 glass of this mixture with a teaspoon of honey.

For de-worming: In 1 litre of water, add 100 grams of this papaya root and 5 grams of garlic. Boil this mixture. Add the material to be de-wormed. We can boil it, for another 10 minutes. Now, drain the water and wash the material with normal water.

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