Reshmi Chicken Handi

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Reshmi Chicken Handi is a Gravy Recipe which is a combination of Chicken cooked along with vegetables – like onion & capsicum and rich – creamy made with milk & cheese. Follow my recipe to enjoy the luscious Reshmi Chicken handi.

Mixed Noodles | Noodles with Mixed Meat

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Mixed Noodles Mixed Noodles is a main dish coming from Indo-Chinese Cuisine. It involves cooking of vegetables, chicken, prawns, egg and mutton along with thin noodles. Let us start with the mixed noodles recipe! Also Check: Secret Murgh Musallam Recipe Ingredients For Noodles Noodles – 1 packet Water – to boil Salt – to taste Oil – …

Hyderabad’s Favorite Snack Recipe

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HYDERABADI’S FAVORITE SNACK RECIPE Snack time! The best time one can have but not while having unhealthy food from outside. We notice and observe people standing near the stalls and having bhajiya/ fritters. We admit, it will be tasty but it is not healthy because proper hygiene may not be maintained while preparing it. Moreover, the …

Chicken Masala in Red Gravy

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Chicken Masala in Red Gravy Hey foodies, I am back with yet another recipe for you, all the way from Hyderabad. This variation of recipe is made of Chicken and is made in sauce that is red in colour. Chicken Masala in Red Gravy is served almost in all occasions in Hyderabad, be it, a …

Chicken Shami Kabab in 30 Minutes

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Chicken Shami Kabab Chicken Shami kabab is a part of Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi cuisine. It is usually served as a snack. But in Hyderabad, it is served along with rice and khatti daal (lentils flavoured with a sour taste) Potato and Split Bengal Gram hold the meat together that is for binding of meat …

Make Chicken Tikka In Just 30 Minutes | Make Chicken Tikka in a Skillet

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CHICKEN TIKKA Today’s recipe, Chicken Tikka is a Starter, it comes from the Indian Cuisine. Tikka means bits or pieces. In this recipe, bits of Chicken are cooked and is served with fried onions. This can be made in oven too but I have made it on Stove using a Skillet. Let us start making Murgh Tikka /Chicken Tikka …

Step-by-Step Procedure to prepare Mutton Harees

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Step-by-Step Procedure to prepare Mutton Harees Harees, also called Haleem by some people is a delicacy mostly served in open stalls during the auspicious month of Ramzan (Ramadhan). It comes in two varieties, Chicken Haleem and Mutton Haleem. It is an Arabic Dish, it came to Hyderabad during the Nizam’s Rule. The Hyderabadi Haleem is …

Restaurant Style Butter Chicken

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BUTTER CHICKEN Hey Foodies! You might have heard about Butter Chicken or say Murgh Makhani, haven’t you? Leaves your mouth watering, right? I am here with the tasty and mouth watering Restaurant Style Butter Chicken which will be ready in less than 30 Minutes. I have got two methods for you, Method 1 which will be ready in …

Make Chicken Biryani With Super Long Rice and Super Juicy Chicken

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CHICKEN BIRYANI Biryani, is a word that arises our appetite. Biryani is famous worldwide and there are many variations made to this dish by many people depending on their location. There are many types of biryani – veg biryani/vegetable biryani, mushroom biryani, egg biryani, mutton biryani, chicken biryani, fish biryani, prawns biryani, special hyderabadi biryani, …

Hyderabad’s Egg Recipes – Worth Giving At least One Try

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TOP 3 EGG (LUNCH/DINNER) RECIPES Today, I present to you, Hyderabad’s Egg Recipes-worth giving at least one try. Hyderabadi Egg Curry- tomato cutt/ curry, egg chaar and egg pudding recipes can be made for lunch or dinner. All three of them, have the same specialty, they taste better after a day from when it is prepared. In …