Chicken 65 Recipe

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This article shows a simple method in preparing Chicken 65. Chicken 65 is a recipe that is basically a starter but people enjoy it along with naan too. Lets get started with the recipe.

Pav Bhaji | Best Pav Bhaji Recipe that You will ever taste

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Pav Bhaji In this Article you will learn ‘How to make Pav Bhaji’. This Pav Bhaji recipe is really simple and easy to make, it uses simple ingredients, yet it tastes wonderful. Follow the Instructions in this article to enjoy this amazing Pav Bhaji at home. Pav Bhaji is a delicacy which was originated in …

Homemade Kulfi without Ice Cream Maker


In this article, you will learn “How to make kulfi at home” without the use of any ice cream maker or any other instrument. Kulfi is basically an ice cream made with whole milk, flavor of saffron is added, condensed milk may be added, almonds and pistachios are added. If it is moulded in a pot, it will be called matka kulfi. Let us get started with our kulfi recipe!

Reshmi Chicken Handi

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Reshmi Chicken Handi is a Gravy Recipe which is a combination of Chicken cooked along with vegetables – like onion & capsicum and rich – creamy made with milk & cheese. Follow my recipe to enjoy the luscious Reshmi Chicken handi.

Mixed Noodles | Noodles with Mixed Meat

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Mixed Noodles Mixed Noodles is a main dish coming from Indo-Chinese Cuisine. It involves cooking of vegetables, chicken, prawns, egg and mutton along with thin noodles. Let us start with the mixed noodles recipe! Also Check: Secret Murgh Musallam Recipe Ingredients For Noodles Noodles – 1 packet Water – to boil Salt – to taste Oil – …

Hyderabad’s Favorite Snack Recipe

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HYDERABADI’S FAVORITE SNACK RECIPE Snack time! The best time one can have but not while having unhealthy food from outside. We notice and observe people standing near the stalls and having bhajiya/ fritters. We admit, it will be tasty but it is not healthy because proper hygiene may not be maintained while preparing it. Moreover, the …

Chicken Masala in Red Gravy

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Chicken Masala in Red Gravy Hey foodies, I am back with yet another recipe for you, all the way from Hyderabad. This variation of recipe is made of Chicken and is made in sauce that is red in colour. Chicken Masala in Red Gravy is served almost in all occasions in Hyderabad, be it, a …