Cutlis | Kheema Cutlets | Cooking Region

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Cutlis Hi everyone! In this article, we will see how to prepare Cutlis Kheema Cutlets. This is considered to be a long recipe, but with some multitasking the result will be excellent. It is a recipe that I learnt from my grandmother. We make it using mutton mince that will be stuffed in potato filling …

Lauki ka Halwa | Kaddu ka meetha | Cooking Region

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Lauki ka Halwa Hey Foodies! Today we are here with a recipe which is loved by most of us. It is also known as Lauki ka halwa, kaddu  ka meetha, kaddu ka halwa and kaddu ka mitha. It is an Indian sweet dish, which is made using bottle gourd, sugar and khoya are added to …

Broasted Chicken Recipe like Never Before

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Broasted Chicken Recipe Hi everyone! Have you ever tasted Broasted Chicken? The crispness, the tenderness, the taste, makes you awe! Right? In this article, you will go through a broasted chicken recipe, like never before. Do try and let us know your feedback through the comments. Let us get started with the recipe! Ingredients Chicken …

Boneless Chicken Biryani

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Boneless Chicken Biryani Who doesn’t like biryani? But some of us may step back from preparing it because of the amount of hard work it takes. We are here with a recipe of boneless chicken biryani. We assure you won’t regret trying it. It is super simple and super tasty. A recipe worth trying! Let’s …

Makhani Pasta | Makhani Macaroni | Cooking Region

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Makhani Macaroni Hi Foodies! Let us discuss another recipe of Pasta. It is called Makhani Macaroni or Macaroni in Makhani Sauce or Makhani Pasta. Makhani sauce is prepared by mixing few spices (this is similar to the mild sauce of butter chicken) which makes it much more tasty and interesting. Let’s get started with the …

Cheese Pasta

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Hi Foodies! In this article, we’ll go through two methods of making creamy cheesy macaroni pasta at home. Let’s get started!

Beat the Heat with Musk Melon Juice

It is always good to keep your body hydrated but we might get bored with the same water. In this case fresh fruits and vegetables come to our rescue. In this article we’ll look into making a very easy and quick juice of musk melon.

Easy Chinese Chicken Corn Soup

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In this article we’ll go through a very simple soup recipe, a recipe loved by most of us. Yes, I am talking about chicken corn soup. Let’s get started with our recipe!